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SwissFS UniTrader

SwissFS UniTrader is a state of the art trading platform, delivering the latest trading technologies and global markets locally to the desktops and mobile phones of traders anywhere in the world

  • 100+ FX and CFDs instruments
  • Trailing Stop on the server side, built in web browser
  • Mobile tradingbuilt-in web browser
  • Brokers’ preferred platform
UniTrader Forex Trading Platform

Trade Multiple Financial Products From One Advanced Online Trading Platform

SwissFS UniTrader

SwissFS UniTrader is the most innovative financial trading platform, offering trading software to Individual Traders, Introducing Brokers, Money Managers and Market Makers. UniTrader trading consoles logically deliver the essential trading information for each user category in seventeen major languages. User interface is easy to navigate for novice traders as well as seasoned traders. UniTrader is the only software that allows maximum customization to the system settings in order to fulfill the most demanding trading needs.

A long list of available instruments delivered to UniTrader customers directly from the top banks and exchanges. Trading and strategy analyses on Currencies, Commodities, Metals, Shares and ETFs are available 24 hours, 6 days per week.
UniTrader offers and easy entry and set up for any Introducing Broker. One can start a Brokerage company with UniTrader in less than 5 minutes. Custom White Label, Real-time IB commissions, spread widening, customizable Stop Out and Margin Call levels, all of that available through a single Broker Console.
Unlike any other trading platform, UniTrader offers Trailing Stop function on the trading server side. Your risk and stop orders are now fully controlled by the server. Whenever you set your risk limit, it is always active even if your computer is turned off. Browse the internet directly from your platform, read the market news or browse the social networks while always glancing at trading charts or your positions.
Get the best mobile trading experience with UniTrader mobile app. Comprehensive order origination controls includes Stop/Limit and OCO orders. Instrument information includes the most detailed information such as: minimum lot requirements, swap rates and margins. All eight chart timeframes are available for market analysis with scroll and zoom in and out options. High performance architecture saves your battery power consumption allowing you to be engaged with markets as long as possible while on the go.
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