Our range of services is categorized into two main categories:

Client support

Includes all the facilities we can provide our highly valued clients ranging from completely managed "discretionary" accounts (your money is managed for you by top leading CTAs around the world OR by other Investment programs) on one extreme to "completely self managed" accounts (the investors trade by themselves) on the other.

Product support

Covers those areas that relate to the operational details of the market/product for example information on contract expiry dates (for futures), lot size, transaction cost structure, updates on changes in ‘margins’ ("margin" is the security deposit required to start a trade) etc.

Our standard services like a 24-hour dealing desk (allowing access to markets at your convenience), daily research reports covering both fundamental and technical trading styles, daily end of day account statements delivered directly to you.

Ongoing expansion shall allow us to add highly renowned individual financial planning/advisory services to the existing range of financial services we provide.

Our ultimate endeavorer is to offer clients "A one-stop boutique for everything Finance".

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