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MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -MT4 cannot connect to my trading account ("No connection" error). What should I do?

Possible solutions:

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -I want to receive a detailed statement of my trading results.

Please navigate to the "Account history" tab toward the bottom of your MT4 window and select the "Save as Detailed Report" option from the right-click menu.

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -Why is there no trading volume of "0.1" in the MT4 "Order" window's drop-down list?

You can manually input any volume you want, starting from 0.01 Lots and with the incremental step of 0.01 Lots. For example, you can input "0.12" or "0.03", which solves the possible problem without answering the question.

SwissFS FAQ | - How to open a real trading account with SwissFS?

All you would need to do to open a real SwissFS trading account is to click here Open an account and enter your information, sign and upload required documents such as Government Issued ID (national ID OR Passport)

SwissFS FAQ | - How to withdrawal from trading account?

click here - fill out the form and E-mail it or fax it to us. Your withdrawal will be done as soon as we receive your signed request during working hours. It takes as little as 2 hours for the funds to show up in your bank account after the withdrawal is done

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