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MetaTrader 4 FAQ | - MT4 displays an "Invalid Account" error. What should I do?

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MetaTrader 4 FAQ | - MT4 displays an "Account is disabled" error. What should I do?

This means that your real account hasn't been activated yet. In order to activate your account for trading, a required minimum sum should be deposited to it . See Account Types for minimum deposit details. Demo accounts do not require activation. Contest accounts are activated automatically at the beginning of the contest.

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -MT4 cannot connect to my trading account ("No connection" error). What should I do?

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MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -I constantly receive the "Market Closed" error when trying to open orders. What should I do?

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MetaTrader 4 FAQ | - MT4 displays a "Not enough money" error.

You will receive such an error if there is not enough free funds ("Free margin") available on your trading account. Please check from Trader's Calculator to the amount of margin is required for a particular trading instrument and calculate the standard or hedged margin for all of your open positions. If you see that there is not enough money to open a new position, you can close some of your existing positions or deposit additional funds to your trading account.

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -MT4 displays a "Trade context busy" error.

Please allow a little time and try again, either your previous order has not been executed yet or the trading server has not received it because of a possible problem with your internet connection. Restarting the MT4 terminal may help resolve the issue.

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -I can't find the full history of performed transactions in MetaTrader 4.

When MT4 is running, look toward the bottom and you will see several tabs - Trade | Account History | News | Alerts | etc – select the ‘Account History’ tab, right-click in the open space and select ‘All History’. You should now be able to see all of the transactions performed on the account.

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -I want to receive a detailed statement of my trading results.

Please navigate to the "Account history" tab toward the bottom of your MT4 window and select the "Save as Detailed Report" option from the right-click menu.

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -What time is shown in the MetaTrader 4 terminal?

The trading platform indicates the EET (GMT+2, during Daylight Savings GMT+3).

MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -A "Buy Limit" or "Take Profit" order that was placed on a Sell position has not been executed, although the price on a chart has reached the order's specified price. Why?

Charts in MetaTrader 4 are generated using Bid prices only; Sell orders are executed at Ask prices (you can see the both prices in MT4’s "Market Watch" window). The difference between these prices is the spread. Please take this into consideration when placing pending orders. Side note: chart window only shows one price line by default - Bid. To see Ask line as well right-click chart and go properties (or press F8), switch to "common" tab and tick "show Ask line" box.

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