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MetaTrader 4 FAQ | -Which IP addresses can be used to connect to SwissFS servers?

If you have already signed up and have opened a real or demo account (received your login/password), we recommend you download and install the MT4 client from our website, it’s the easiest and most convenient way since all of our server addresses are already integrated, you need only launch the client and connect to your trading account.If any other version of the MT4 client has already been installed to your computer, you can use it for trading on SwissFS. Please use the following server addresses in order to connect to an SwissFS account. You can enter any of these addresses in the

SwissFS FAQ | - How long does it take for a bank transfer to reach my account?

It takes 2 hours for transfers to reach your trading account.

SwissFS FAQ | - How long does it take for a Withdrawal to reach my Bank account?

it takes 2 hours for a withdrawal to reach your Bank account

SwissFS FAQ | - How do i fund my account in Saudi Arabia?

using the bank transfer instruction for your country you can transfer through:

SwissFS FAQ | - How to start your own brokerage business?

Our introducing broker or (IB) program is a great opportunity to receive significant compensation for introducing new clients to SwissFS. Whether it becomes your full or part time job,

SwissFS FAQ | - How to open a real trading account with SwissFS?

All you would need to do to open a real SwissFS trading account is to click here Open an account and enter your information, sign and upload required documents such as Government Issued ID (national ID OR Passport)

SwissFS FAQ | - How to open a demo account with SwissFS?

to open a SwissFS demo account please click here Open a demo account where you will be able to open demo or even live accounts and manage all your SwissFS transactions.

SwissFS FAQ | - What is the minimum initial deposit to open an account?

SwissFS prides itself in providing traders with unmatchable services and support. Therefore we set the deposit limit to $500 (1,890 Riyal Saudi ) 3.78 as an exchange rate .

SwissFS FAQ | - How to withdrawal from trading account?

click here - fill out the form and E-mail it or fax it to us. Your withdrawal will be done as soon as we receive your signed request during working hours. It takes as little as 2 hours for the funds to show up in your bank account after the withdrawal is done

SwissFS FAQ | - what is withdrawal fees ?

As of January 1 2018, there will be Bank fees applied to Withdrawals + 5% VAT on the bank fees applied to all withdrawals.

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