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Please check your internet connection, there may be a problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Try to surf web pages which are hosted in various countries around the world. If some pages cannot be opened, contact your ISP's Technical Support.

Try to disable or reconfigure your antivirus and/or firewall software that is installed on your computer, it may be blocking some internet connections from MT4. The internet communication ports 443 and 444 should be opened and available to the terminal.exe application. If opening these ports doesn’t help, you can try to completely disable the firewall/antivirus and restart your PC.

If you are trading from your work PC, the connection to the internet may pass through a proxy-server. Please ask your System Administrator to provide you with the proxy server's details such as IP address, type of proxy and port. You should then enter this data into your MetaTrader 4 terminal ("Tools" menu > Options > Server > Enable proxy server > Proxy).

Please ask your System Administrator about availability of ports in your office network. If ports 443 and 444 are closed, you won't be able to use MetaTrader 4 terminal. You can ask your System Administrator to open these ports.

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