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You may have entered an incorrect login (account number) or an incorrect password for your trading account. If you forgot your password, please check the e-mail that was provided during your registration with the Trader's Room; look for a message from SwissFS that was sent confirming your registration – your login details would have been included in this e-mail. Please note that passwords are case sensitive, please ensure your password is entered correctly and includes any symbols and uppercase / lowercase letters. Copy-pasting the pasword is usually the easiest thing to do.

For Demo accounts the server name must be "SwissFS FX Demo" for MT4 FX Demo type accounts. For real accounts the server name must be "SwissFS FX Real" for MT4 FX Real type accounts. You can switch the servers by selecting them from the drop down menu.

Please note that the Login for MetaTrader 4 is the trading account number for your SwissFS FX or SwissFS CFD account. In order to trade you will need to use the Trader’s password that you received when you opened your account, as apposed to the Investors password, which allows viewing only. Be sure that your Login and Password do not contain any spaces or gaps before after them.

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