SwissFS MT4 Multi Account Manager

(SwissFS – MAM)

Trade Forex from your iPhone or iPad

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SwissFS MT4 Multi Account Manager

The SwissFS MAM Trader was designed specifically for Professional Traders and Money Managers as a convenient trading tool to operate multiple MT4 trading accounts simultaneously, while trading from one Master Account. The SwissFS MAM Trader system is the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within the MT4 platform without interfering with other non-MAM Trader MT4 client terminals.

Desktop Platform

The First Multi Account Trader Application embedded within the MT4 Terminal.

Web Platform

SwissFS - MAM Trader brings all the functionality of the MT4 Multi Account Trader to a web based platform for ultimate flexibility Making it the first and only allocation tool to be integrated within a web based platform that can be integrated into MT4 infrastructure or serve as a standalone web based platform.

Mobile Platform

SwissFS - MAM Trader for Mobile and Tablet allows to trade on any mobile device over WiFi or standard cellular networks. The system is designed to maximize a trader’s experience on smaller screens without compromise or the complexity of a native application. No installation for the client side. It can work over GPRS/EDGE networks as well as other slower channels (uses 200KB to download) and it supports any proxy or VPN.

It supports iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 3G and later as well as Android 2.2 +. The system also supports retina and other high density screens. Each customer will be able to set or modify trade positions with the touch of a finger on their tablet. Click up or down for each individual digit, and easily submit your modification, Switch between the modification screen and graphs with one touch.