About SwissFS Forex Trading

Regulated by Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and licensed from Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait

SwissFS (Swiss International Financial Services)

Swiss International is a financial services company that facilitates the entire process of participating in global financial markets. Being an Integrated Service Provider we cover the entire process from "Research and Advisory" services to the ultimate "Execution and Clearing" of a transaction.

To offer world-class quality in all the services we provide, we have worked hard to put together a highly qualified team of professionals. From the most junior marketing executive to the senior management.

A cosmopolitan culture consisting of people from various cultural, social and professional backgrounds allows us to interact with and accommodate effectively clients with differing backgrounds and expectations.

Some of the most respected and highly renowned names in the country provide the backing and support to our company, which lends us the highest level of recognition socially and professionally.


Deposit/Withdraw with zero commission


Our reach in global markets is unrivalled in the local markets. Our coverage includes most geographical and product markets. From simple currency crosses in the spot market to the complexities of the derivatives market, we deal across the spectrum.

The products/markets that we currently offer work on the principle of "leveraged trading" (leverage means trading with a face value much larger than the amount provided upfront as a deposit/security) and this leads to unmatchable rates of returns.

In the business of leveraged trading the two main types of transactions are ‘on the spot’ and "deferred" transactions, which are carried out in the spot and futures/forwards markets respectively. The company offers trading in both the spot and futures markets cost effectively.

Upcoming additions to our range of products include capital guaranteed/fixed rate of return Investment vehicles with the long-term investor in mind.


The various products that we cover include all major currency crosses (e.g. EUR/USD, GBP/USD etc.), commodities (precious metals like gold and silver, energy products such as crude oil or even agricultural commodities such as coffee, cocoa, rubber etc.) and stock markets (futures on stock indices or on individual stocks). The above list is only a brief snapshot from our exhaustive range.